Tuesday, February 20, 2018


We have built our business on providing you with

"The Peak of Performance in Industrial Refrigeration Services"

Our corporate office, the Great Lakes Division, is located in Menomonee Falls, WI

Our Bluegrass Division is located in Tennessee and our Cypress division is located in Florida



Our commitment to performance has allowed us to grow into a national contractor successfully servicing customers throughout the United States.  From privately held specialty food manufacturers to global reaching corporations, our success lies in understanding your needs.  By listening to you, we can provide comprehensive and cost effective solutions for all of your industrial refrigeration needs, on time and on budget.


From concept to completion, quality is continually delivered and never sacrificed.


Seasoned field supervisors, cross trained service department, continuing education and safety training programs, responsive administration staff and an engrossed, committed owners group provide the depth necessary to meet your demands.  Being engaged in our industry and looking forward to the future keeps Summit Refrigeration Group in the forefront of innovation.


Our vendors and subcontractors become part of the team to ensure timely component selections and deliveries for critical path schedules.