Our customer, a premier provider of temperature-controlled warehouse services, needed to upgrade their refrigeration system to support their continued growth and expansion with minimal shut downs to the existing system.


The Summit Team went to work and designed a solution that would help support the customer’s desired expansion of 60,000 square feet of added cold storage. Summit designed and installed two new compressors, 1 new low-temp recirculatory, 1 new intercooler, 1 new sump tank, 1 additional evaporative condenser along with new mains, underfloor heating, and controls system expansion. Additionally, Summit, in conjunction with the customer’s safety team, created and implemented a full PSM program designed by our in-house Safety & Compliance Team.


The expansion ultimately helped our customer increase their ROI and their ability to supply more cold storage space for their customers. The implementation of their new PSM program also helped streamline safety processes and documentation for their plant personnel. The project was completed on time, on budget and with minimal system shut downs.