A customer experienced a fire at their production facility that rendered the make-up air unit (MAHU) non-functional. The replacement unit needed to be installed quickly and with minimal production disruption. When the unit arrived, it had been damaged by the logistics provider in transit – jeopardizing installation timelines.


The fire had been caused by flour collecting in the MAHU, creating air-flow issues. The Summit engineers worked closely with the customer to conduct a detailed needs analysis, while the Summit Project Coordinator engaged directly with the vendor to remediate the equipment challenges.


The Summit Project Coordination Team was able to secure a fast turnaround time by the vendor, to repair the equipment without impacting installation timelines – even more impressive given the current supply chain strains! Additionally, the solution was installed to provide easier access to filters and improve filter efficiency while still fitting on existing platforms. If you are in need of a MAHU replacement project, contact us today!