Friday, August 17, 2018


If you're looking for a company with integrity, experience, and the

capability of handling all your PSM/RMP and Ammonia Refrigeration

Management (ARM) needs, look no further than Summit Refrigeration

Group. We pride ourselves in providing the expertise that is demanded by

OSHA’s Process Safety Management, EPA’s Risk Management and the

General Duty Clause regulations. We provide expert assistance, and

guidance, to help meet all of your compliance needs. Our team of

engineers and specialists will take the time to review and analyze your

facility and data to make sure that recommendations we make will save

you time, money, and ensure you are within OSHA and EPA compliance



The team at Summit Refrigeration Group is totally dedicated to assisting

you in achieving your compliance goals, taking the mystery out of

compliance, and helping you gain control of your safety and training

needs. The instructors at Summit Refrigeration Group have been training

safety and operational personnel for more than a decade. Hundreds have

benefited from our comprehensive, complete and accurate courses.