Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Mike Conti – President mconti@summitrefrig.com

Fred Anderson – Vice President of Operations fanderson@summitrefrig.com

Rick DeGroot – Vice President of Business Development rdegroot@summitrefrig.com


Project Management/Sales

Jim Wierzbicki – Sales Engineer 

Mike Missall – Project Manager/ Sales mmissall@summitrefrig.com

John Phillips – Compliance Dept. Manager jphillips@summitrefrig.com

Kelly Dardeau – Part Sales kdardeau@summitrefrig.com



Peggy Chapman – Office Manager pchapman@summitrefrig.com

Karen Neubauer – Accounting Admin. kneubauer@summitrefrig.com

Jeanne Nierode – Accounting Admin. jnierode@summitrefrig.com

Jeff Bull – Construction Superintendent jbull@summitrefrig.com

Susan Molkenthen – Construction Dept. Admin. smolkenthen@summitrefrig.com

Joe Deschane – Service Dept. Admin. jdeschane@summitrefrig.com

Leigh Gates – Service Dept. Admin. lgates@summitrefrig.com

Phillip Radtke – CAD Dept. Manager pradtke@summitrefrig.com

Laura Falk-Helgemoe – CAD Dept. Operator lfhelgemoe@summitrefrig.com

Kyle Albright – CAD Dept. Operator

Jackie Hubka – Marketing Coordinator